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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development
Team Leadership Skills for Teens
Our book Team Leadership Skills for Teens describes eleven essential, time-tested skills of leadership organized into eleven competencies that are easily teachable to youth. Get a copy today.

The Official White Stag Camp in Northern California—Camp Cole, Tahoe National Forest

Make your summer memorable. Make new friends. Learn leadership. Attend the original White Stag Sierra leadership camp. White Stag Sierra camp is set for July 9-15, 2017 at Camp Robert Cole in the Tahoe National Forest, California. Only 100 candidates are accepted. Apply early to assure yourself a space.

White Stag Sierra at Camp Robert Cole, California, was founded in 1958. It's provided leadership development experiences to thousands of youth from across the world. The camp is how located in the wide-open alpine forest of Tahoe National Forest.

Youth Leading Youth

We build trust, confidence and self-esteem. We challenge youth to use their skills, teamwork, and strategy to overcome challenges. Depending on their age, youth gain skills in leadership including planning, communicating, personal interests and abilities, setting achievable goals, time management, negotiating and counselling. White Stag is much more than a camp. It's where future leaders are developed.

White Stag camp is fun with a purpose. Camp outdoors all week, sing your heart out, cook outdoors, go hiking, and learn 11 leadership skills at White Stag Sierra. Choose from any of its three programs:

2017 youth leadership camp dates

White Stag Sierra expects to fill its week-long summer camps again this year. July 9-15, 2017 summer camp at Camp Cole in Tahoe National Forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

What makes White Stag distinctive

At White Stag, while playing games, hiking, camping, and cooking outdoors, you learn and practice leadership and problem solving skills, how to make decisions, assess your individual strengths and weaknesses, goal-setting, planning, and self-advocacy. Learn more about what makes White Stag Leadership Camp distinctive.

For youth

White Stag summer camp is a fun week of hiking, backpacking, camping, campfires, outdoor games. yells, cheers, singing, and practicing the skills of leadership. During White Stag leadership camp, you get lots of chances to learn and practice leadership skills in small and large group settings.

White Stag offers pre-teens and teens 10½-18 a fun, challenging week-long leadership development experience. Ask any teen who has been to camp what they enjoyed most, and they will say, "It's fun." But don't expect to hang out by the pool and spend time at the snack bar. You won't have any free time to speak of. You'll be busy virtually every moment with a variety of challenging leadership activities. And of course there's camping, backpacking, and a lot of team-building activities.

Whether you know anyone in camp or not, you'll be mixed together with other teens and make friends fast. Challenged to work together to solve problems, you'll prepare food, pitch camp, and get hands-on experience learning leadership skills with other teens. Reserve your spot now.

For parents

Our half-century of success has taught us that leadership development needs to begin early, when youth are more adaptable and teachable. White Stag is unique because it is a leadership development program designed for youth, but also created and led by youth. Watch the video.

Learn Leadership, Help Your Youth

We train adults in leadership skills. If you would like to give back to a program that has positively affected your family, we are accepting applications for leadership positions. Get started now improving your leadership skills.

Mirroring the real world, we offer a coeducational learning opportunity. Youth are fully supervised at all times. We take a holistic approach to learning, giving participants an experience that affects their hands via outdoor skills, head via leadership skills, and heart via our spirit and traditions.

For leaders

White Stag Leadership Development has a long history of teaching youth leadership. We have taught more than 20,000 youth leadership since our founding in 1958.

We believe the skills of leadership can be acquired through practice. Leadership is not inborn nor intuitive. We put participants through practiced exercises where leadership is required, encouraging and supporting youth in continual improvement. We use the outdoors because it's fun, physically challenging, and rewarding. We use a small-team approach where everyone gets the attention they need and the opportunity to engage and improve. We apply a systemic approach to leadership development, encouraging repeated exposure and practice over months and years. We believe in the infinity principle: that education never stops, and for that reason we continually evaluate, seeking ways to improve both as individuals and as an organization.

Leader's guide to White Stag

The White Stag program is only successful when youth put the leadership skills they gained at camp to work at home, in their youth group, church, or at school. Read our suggested guidelines.

Leadership skills

We believe in leadership development by design. We know that good leaders never stop learning. We constantly check to see how we are progressing. We continue to focus on the basics, teaching eleven leadership competencies.