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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

Hands-on Learning

We believe that the challenge of leadership development is best taught in a setting where the participant can first, have fun. Second, we want to give them a chance to apply, in a hands-on setting, the skills of outdoor living. We use an outdoors setting that gives candidate participants an >adventure, which stimulates the body and mind. We challenge youth to grow physically, emotionally, and in their minds.

South Dakota State University, Kenneth S. Rasmussen, Chair of College of Education & Counseling, wrote, "Programs should emphasize experiential learning and provide opportunities for genuine leadership." (Read their full report.) White Stag participants get repeated hands-on opportunities to practice teamwork. Candidate participants are given unexpected tasks that demand effective organization of the team to find a solution to the problem presented.

During summer camp, candidate participants may be asked to do things they think are hard. For example, to go on an overnight hike with a backpack. They have to prepare meals as a team. Some candidate participants have never done this before, and it's a big challenge for them. In overcoming their fears and limitations, they grow.

Choose the phase that sounds most fun and fits your age. Space is limited. Apply for camp today.