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Note Newly published! Learn about the basic eleven leadership competencies every teen needs. Order the book Team Leadership Skills for Teens.

Knowing and Understanding
Resources of the Group

Sounds like a mouthful, and it is. "Resources of the Group." What are those?

That's exactly where we want you to start thinking. Because we believe an imaginative leader thinks openly and creatively about resources. They aren't just limited to the physical resources, but include people's skills, attitudes, background.

We help individuals learn about member's backgrounds and experiences is an effective technique for bringing a group together and creating commitment to common goals. We teach leaders that the group's ability to recognize and utilized diverse resources tremendously affects what the group can accomplish. When you use the group's resources, you can involve more people in active leadership by giving each a part according to his or her resources.

All groups go through the process of uncovering their resources. It's often informal and unstated. We help individuals improve as leaders by bringing this skills to the forefront.

Helping members learn about group resources

This competency enhances the accidental, serendipitous encounter. It provides an informal but recognized stage where group leaders and members can learn about more each other. Our process increases the intensity of the exchanges, promoting honesty and trust. It accelerates the rate at which the group begins to coalesce and develop commitment to a common purpose. Greater productivity and increased quality are the results.

As a leader, it is a good idea to introduce activities that help the individuals in the group to become acquainted with one another's skills, knowledge, and abilities. Showing off a school transcript or resume is not what we mean. We challenge individuals and the group to draw on each other for resources and assistance. In this way they get a hands-on experience about exactly what resources are and how to use them!

Note Newly published in 2016. Learn about the basic eleven leadership competencies every teen needs. Order the book Team Leadership Skills for Teens. Buy it now—only $9.99. Copyright 2008 Brian Phelps. All Rights Reserved. Brief passages may be quoted for reviews or commentary.

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