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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

Principle Organizers

"A quartet of remarkable men brought White Stag to life, nurtured it to maturity and guided it to longevity." That's how Bill Roberts begins his essay on the four men who created An Experiment in Youth Leadership by Design: Remembering the Founding Fathers.

Béla Bánáthy conceived of and created White Stag. Severl men played key roles in the early years, among them Maury Tripp, Fran Peterson, Uncle Paul Sujan, Joe St Clair, George Toole, Bob Bowman: Frank Masamori, and John Larson, among others.

In his 1964 Masters Thesis for San Jose State College, Bela wrote:

"The program, as it is today, has been the work of a team of men and youth who throughout the years have contributed their ideas, efforts and their spirit to make it what it is. Most outstandingly it has been the contribution of Fran Petersen, with whom I have had the privilege of working in the development of the program from the first year on. Other key members of this great team are Jack Stone, Bob Bowman, Joe St.Clair, Bill Lee, John Chiorini, Ted Minnis, Bill Padden, Ralph Herring and Alex Szaszy. We owe a special debt of gratitude to those friends who throughout the years advised the program so competently: Paul Hood, Maury Tripp, and Bob Perin."

These individuals are pictured below.

White Stag leaders (L-R), Joe St. Clair, Fran Peterson, Maury Tripp, and Bela H. Banathy.
Wood Badge staff, 1968. L-R front: Fran Peterson, Maury Tripp, Joe St. Clair, George Toole, Bob Bowman. L-R rear: Frank Masamori, John Larson, unknown , John Martin, Chet Frisbie, and Alex Szaszy.