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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

The Evaluation Attitude

The evaluation attitude is a "predisposition to continually examine and analyze the competencies we attain." Evaluation is a critical component of the cyclical learning process. It does not just occur formally at the conclusion of activities, but informally as well, by all involved, throughout the project or task.

One who applies this attitude or technique will be continually aware of the objectives of his learnings and will attempt to measure his growth toward them.

Growth in and improvement of leadership performance are dependent upon the individual's willingness to change, his ability to define the kind of change he needs, and his opportunity to objectively evaluate his success.

We believe leadership means to consistently strive to improve, to never give up, to continually find ways to improve. We believe failures are only stepping-stones to success and a necessary route to success. The opposite of success is not failure, but to quit.

The amount of knowledge you will retain after one week of leadership camp is determined by how quick you put it to use. One way we can help you remember what you learned is to help your write realistic agreements for putting it to use right away.

We require you to write a personal contract or Leadership Growth Agreement (LGA) describing how you will apply your new leadership skills at home. This can be within your family, at school, within your religious education or church, in a sports or other youth group, or in your community. You will review your LGA with a staff member and prepare a copy that we give to your youth leader.

The complexity of your LGA depends on your age and knowledge level and ability. If you attended Phase 1, your LGA might read, "I will apply 'Communications' by taking notes at Patrol meetings." If you went to Phase 3 LGA might read, "I will apply 'Communications' by presenting a session on the competency to other members of my group."

Our goal is to motivate you to take your newly acquired skills, knowledge, and abilities and put them to use in a helpful, productive way immediately, while they are still fresh in your mind.