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Building for the Future

The White Stag program believes the personal and organizational growth is never-ending.

Ten Ideas About Building the White Stag Community

In 1998, our founder Béla Bánáthy met with the entire adult and youth staff for what turned out to be his last visit with us at the Presidio of Monterey Tin Barn Theatre. Always a visionary, he formulated a list of ten ideas for building a future White Stag community.

We have taken this list to heart and during 2008 committed to a future vision embracing these ten items.

  1. We are a group of individuals who build the White Stag community by communicating with each other openly and honestly.
    When and how? Intentional lines of communication to develop attitude.
  2. We formulate a shared vision and purpose and develop a commitment to attain it.
    What is our shared vision and purpose?
  3. We believe that individually and collectively we can make a difference in the world.
    Why? and how?
  4. We organize ourselves for (a) attaining the White Stag ideals, (b) respecting each other as equals, and (c) sharing in stewardship responsibilities.
    What are these ideals? How we live as equals?
    What are our stewardship responsibilities?*
  5. We proactive authentic participation in our joint work and in shaping the future os White Stag.
    What is authentic participation? How do we shape the future of White Stag?
  6. We support each other in our personal and social development.
    How? Doing what?
  7. We use and take best advantage of our full range of abilities.
    How? Doing what?
  8. We take responsibility for tasks that build and serve our White Stag community
    What are these tasks?
  9. We are responsible for:
    1. Applying what we learn and develop in our family, in school, and in our troop.
    2. Creating learning arrangements and opportunities for others.
    What are our plans for item a. and how do we do it?
    How can we create the opportunities in item b. for learning, and for whom?
  10. We trust and support each other.
    What are ways for supporting each other?

* Stewardship is shared accountability which is fueled by a shared commitment to service. It is distributed among all members of White Stag.

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