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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

Leadership Development by Design

We believe leadership skills cannot be acquired in a few training sessions or in a single training course, but only as the result of long-range development process over a number of years. Leadership development must begin during the formative years of youth, and is a life-long process that never ends.

We inspire individuals to engage life as an ongoing adventure, to challenge themselves, and to lead others to pursue excellence. We help individuals to lead themselves, to lead others, and to lead leaders.

We help individuals develop eleven specific leadership competencies. Participants learn how to evaluate their own success, to motivate others, to build consensus, and develop teamwork. White Stag sets the standard as a high-performance team, demonstrating excellence. Participants learn how to plan in any set of circumstances.

Campers attending White Stag learn to develop empathy for those they lead. Youth are naturally concerned about their communities and care about their peers. Teen leaders in White Stag learn to respect individual needs and characteristics. During White Stag camp, teens learn about specific ways they can help their local community. We strive to help them see that they are important and when they make a sincere committment they can make a difference. We teach youth that when they strive to do their best and apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities, they can influence other youth leaders as well. We encourage youth to continuously strive to set the best possible example.

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