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About Brian Phelps

The White Stag program is near and dear to my heart. More than that, nurturing it is one of my life's purposes. I have grown up in the White Stag program since I was 12 years old. It was the first place in my life that someone told me I had something to offer. Without a father, it was the place where I became a man, where I was mentored and coached by good men. I feel a strong obligation to give back and make sure that same opportunity is there for others in the near and distant future.

I worked for Bela Bánáthy, the founder of White Stag, and obtained his permission to carry on the White Stag program. My desire is to give back. In 1984 I self-published two sourcebooks, Follow the White Stag and Resources for Leadership. In 1994, I bought this domain and began selling these books on this site. Over the years more than 2000 individuals have bought copies of these books. 

In 2016, I completed rewriting the original sourcebook on the leadership skills. The new book is available on Team Leadership Skills for Teens

My purpose

My vision

10,000 youth learning leadership every year

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