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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

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Ask any teen who has been to White Stag leadership camp what they enjoyed most, and they will say, "It's fun." But don't expect to hang out by the pool and spend time at the snack bar. This isn't a free time camp. You'll be busy virtually every moment with a variety of challenging leadership activities, including camping, backpacking, and a variety of team-building activities.

During White Stag camp, you get lots of chances to learn and practice leadership skills in small and large group settings. Summer camp is a fun week of hiking, camping, campfires, outdoor games. yells, cheers, singing, and practicing the skills of leadership.

Phase Sequoia Patrol
Phase 3 candidates and youth staff at White Stag Sierra during 2014.

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Whether you know anyone in camp or not, you'll be mixed together with other teens and make friends fast. Challenged to work together to solve problems, you'll prepare food, pitch camp, and get hands-on experience learning leadership skills with other teens. The White Stag program is structured into three phases based on age, maturity, physical ability, and grade level.

Each phase is designed for a particular range of individual skills and level of maturity. All three phases give you a chance to learn leadership skills like communication, planning, knowing and using your resources, understanding and being sensitive to the needs and characteristics of your group, sharing leadership, evaluation, and others. The complexity and depth of information increases from one phase to the next.

Program Phase Structure
Phase Phase 1 — Patrol Member Development Phase 2 — Patrol Leader Development Phase 3 — Troop Leader Development
Purpose Teaches group membership skills. Teaches group leadership skills Teaches leaders to lead group leaders
Candidate Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
  • For youth ages 10½–13 (or have completed 5th grade)†
  • For youth ages 13–14†
  • Completed Level 1‡
  • For youth ages 15–18†
  • Completed Level 2‡
Learning activities
  • Participants learn basic camping and team member skills
  • Experience how the dynamics of membership in a dynamic, tight-knit team
  • Learn entry-level skills of team membership and seven of the 11 leadership competencies
  • Includes a short, one-night backpacking trip
  • Participants learn the skills of a leader of a small dynamic teams
  • Participants take turns acting as a team leader
  • Taught advanced skills of team leadership
  • Learn increased information about 11 competencies
  • Includes a two-night backpacking trip
  • Participants learn leadership of two or more small teams
  • Participants earn opportunity to lead several small teams
  • One participant is chosen by youth staff each day to lead the entire phase
  • Learn 11 competencies at an advanced level
  • Includes a three-night backpacking trip
Likely roles at home
  • School band section leader
  • Troop Patrol Leader
  • 4-H club officer
  • Class vice-president or other officer
  • Troop Senior Patrol Leader
  • Vice-president 4-H
  • School class vice-president
  • Troop Senior Patrol Counselor
  • School class president
  • School band president
  • Athletic team captain
  • Church leadership role
  • Club president
Youth Staff Levels Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
  • For youth age 14–15†
  • Completed Level 2
  • For youth age 15–16†
  • Completed Level 2 or 3
  • Served on youth staff Level 4
  • For youth age 16–20†
  • Completed Level 2 or 3
  • Served on youth staff Level 4 or 5
Adult Staff Levels Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Adult Staff Requirements
  • Completed one or more Levels 1–3
  • Served on one or more youth staff Levels 4–6
  • Phase Advisers (age 21+; minimum 3 years as Asst. Phase Advisor)
  • Assistant Phase Advisers (age 18+; minimum 3 years serving in Levels 4–6)
Program Leadership Camp Director | Program Director
Administrative Committees | Operational Committees
Support Staff The Camp Director and Program Director must have served for at least five years on adult staff levels 7–9. They must meet National BSA Scout and Venturing Program requirements. Committees are composed of interested parents and adult alumni who fulfill critical support roles including registration, treasury, commissary, quartermaster, evaluation, marketing, and medical roles during the year and at summer camp.
Notes † "The age levels are not absolute, but for guidance in placing participants in the phase most suitable to their needs."

‡ "Prior attendance of earlier levels is encouraged, but not necessarily required."

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