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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development



Donald C. Kramer
Area III TLD Coordinator
1440 Jones Road
Yuba City, California 95991

Dear Don,

On June 20th [1978] I visited Camp Pico Blanco for the purpose of evaluating their local TLD course. Paul Davis, a staff of very enthusiastic adults and young Scouters greeted me. Because of the nature of the White Stag course, I find our guidelines on evaluating TLD courses useless; therefore I should like to evaluate the course according to my understanding of the purpose of TLD courses. The intent being to train scouts to be leaders in the troop.

I am sure you have an understanding of White Stag, so my comments will be limited to impressions of the course and how successful the course was in accomplishing the task.

All staff members and learners were very well uniformed. The staff had been picked from previous learners. We sat in on one learning session where their SPL conducted a very impressive session. Although we did not see the entire session the SPL seemed very well prepared, and carried himself in a manner that most adults would be hard put to imitate.

Something that somewhat shocked me was the use of girls as part of the staff and as learners. They are incorporated very smoothly into the program, the only problem being showers. This was easily remedied. The girls and the boys seemed not at all uncomfortable about the coed situation. It had no apparent effect on learning.

There is constant evaluation going on during the course. I have included some of the evaluation tools used during the course for you to look over. Other TLD courses would do well to incorporate some to them into their courses.

The learners ranged from 11-19 years. Many were out of camp doing unique and inventive things like having their learning competency sessions on trail hikes. Those in camp were very involved, with spontaneous patrol yells often erupting from the groups.

Facilities for the course were very good. The facilities for staff and learners were not comparable, but good. The learners were given an option of bringing tentage some did. Other camp equipment was comparable, following TLD requirements.

I should like to congratulate the Monterey Area Council, Paul Davis, and his staff for being inventive enough to put on such a useful and well prepared course. A close look by other councils may help them to upgrade their own courses. My highest certification and congratulations for a course well done. Good health and good scouting.


Mark Cross

cc: Paul Davis
Buttes Area Council Executive Board