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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

About our Experienced Adult Staff

The volunteer adults who guide and mentor the youth give their time because they've seen their own children grow and learn from White Stag camp. Or they were once a participant themselves.

Our key leaders must have a minimum number of five years of experience before they can assume responsibility as a Phase Advisor, or 10 years as Program Director. All of our volunteer adults undergo required training and a background check.

Individual Background

Our Camp Director has been participating in White Stag camp for more than 15 years. The entire adult staff have more than 145 years of cumulative experience leading youth at summer camp. Our other volunteers have seen second-hand the difference the program makes and volunteer their time. Our adult volunteers come from all walks of life, including business owners, insurance agents, artists, homemakers, engineers, and others. They have a passion in common: to make the White Stag leadership development experience available to as many children from every walk of life as possible.


All our phase advisors have at least two years of prior experience as an assistant advisor. They must be encouraging, enthusiastic, sensitive, and patient. Serving as a phase advisor is demanding, requiring exceptional dedication. They must take the time to learn about each youth staff member's need and characteristics and creating a growth experience that challenges and stretches each individual.

Personal Safety

All of our adults must complete the Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection training. All of our adults must be fingerprinted and are subject to a thorough background check. Every adult volunteers to participate in random drug screening.

We never allow an adult to meet one-on-one with any youth without another adult being present. We always have both a male and female adult present at all activities. Only then are the adult volunteers permitted to work with the youth staff.

A qualified, trained nurse or EMT is present at all activities, and we use advanced communications technology to maintain constant communication with groups when they are hiking in the field.