Follow the White Stag describes a tried and tested system for presenting a junior leader training program. Detailing more than 40 years of experience, having trained thousands of youth, this book is a in-depth presentation of the program implemented to mount a top-notch JLT program. It includes detailed information about how the youth and adult leaders of White Stag create a superior JLT program.

It describes the purposes, methods, procedures, and spirit and traditions used to create and sustain a JLT program. It also contains a set of forms, or instruments, successfully used to evaluate the program; a history of the White Stag program; a typical calendar year plan; and a survey of youth leadership needs. The appendix contains two papers written by founder Béla Bánáthy for the World Scout Bureau on leadership development and the National Council, BSA.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Program Principles

Chapter 3 - Aims, Methods, and Content

Chapter 4 - Organizational Structure

Chapter 5 - Managing Spirit and Traditions

Chapter 6 - Evaluation Instruments

Chapter 7 - Sixty-five Years of History

Chapter 8 - Program Year Calendar

Chapter 9 - Junior Leader Training Needs Assessment

Appendix A - World Scouting Reference Paper No. 1--Leadership Development

Appendix B - Leadership Development by Design--A Report on an Experiment




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