Chapter 7 - History Since 1933

The White Stag Youth Leadership Development program has a rich history[1] since its founding in 1958. But this program, so powerful that it has continued without interruption since that time with no funding or assistance other than that donated by its volunteer leaders and members, has direct roots that go back to a time, twenty-five years earlier (and indirectly long before that).

The 4th World Jamboree was held [in 1933] in the Royal Forest of Gödöllõ eleven miles from Budapest, [Hungary,] and was attended by 25,000 Scouts from 34 nations. It was notable for the excellent weather which was enjoyed and the assembled Scouts were thankful for the shade which the trees of the Royal Forest afforded. Scouts who attended this gathering will remember particularly the pleasing sight of B.-P. making his rounds on the camp site on a magnificent brown charger. It was also most noticeable that the whole Hungarian nation had cooperated to make the event a success.[2].

From these beginnings, a chronological story of White Stag and people's activities unfolds. This is a history that tells, in only a cursory way, of untold thousands of hours of effort, great expenditures of personal energy and money, and a devoted response by adults and youth to the challenge, "Follow the White Stag"

For the complete history, see History Since 1933.

[1] This history was initially based on A History of White Stag Leadership Development by Joe St. Clair, 1978. 8pp. Béla Bánáthy also made significant contributions to this record.

[2] From the Public Relations Department, Baden-Powell House, London, England.

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