Chapter 8 - Program Year Calendar

The calendar in this chapter may be used to plan future leadership development programs. It assumes an August camp event, but is of course easily adapted to other weeks during the summer. This calendar is a model and subject to amendment as required. It sets an example for the approximate time table for events during staff development and preparation for Candidate Day (C-Day—an introduction to the program) and the summer camp itself.

It is our experience that when these events are carried out in the order described, and the youth staff is trained and prepared in the manner described elsewhere in this book, that these development experiences will lead to a top-notch summer camp program.

This schedule has been derived from eight years' practical experience and from the study of numerous calendars prepared by many people over 39 years. It hopefully represents the best thinking of all of them.

The youth staff develop each year's week-long summer camp program, relying on the adults' guideance and the youth's previous experience. An example of a previous year's summar camp program is available upong request. Please contact us to request a copy.

Bold letters indicate a meeting or event to be held.


10 Closing inventory; tentative list of next year's needs made.

10 Staff sign-ups from camp forwarded to Indaba committee.

10 Indaba announcement sent to previous year participants.

10 Adult nominating committee names, selections begun.

15 New Post Advisor selected.

15 Post-week follow-up with candidates; evaluation sent to unit leader.

15 Prospective staff list assembled; incumbent Advisor invites them to Indaba. Personal follow-up to insure good turn-out.

30 New Phase Advisors selection initiated; nominating committee determines potential role assignments, advises Post Advisor.

30 Summer Camp evaluation by Advisor due to Post Committee.


1 Program Director, Phase Advisors are selected by the sponsoring organization.

15 Summer Camp evaluation is conducted by youth at Indaba.

15 Staff interviews held at Indaba.

15 Post committee roles, assignments tentatively determined.

15 Tentative site for summer camp reserved.

15 Indaba. Agenda includes:

16 Staff Development Event. Agenda includes:


13 Staff Development Event. Agenda includes:

14 Post Committee Meeting. Agenda includes:


15 Post Committee Meeting. Agenda includes:

28 Annual White Stag Dinner


15 Staff Development Event. (Tri-Phase)

16 Summer Camp evaluation method for coming year is designed as goals and objectives are drafted.

Post Committee Meeting:

15 Deposit sent to council for camp; contract signed.


12 Phase C-Day goals completed.

30 Program brochure with C-Day, Summer Camp reservations and information included is mailed.


12 Expendable supplies reordered.

13 Staff Development Event. (Tri-Phase)

12 Staff Development Event. (Tri-Phase)

13 Camping skills development


2 Staff Development Events

9 First draft Day One complete in each phase.


6 C-Day reservations deadline.

14 Candidate-Day (C-Day)

15 Staff Development Event


1 Food brokers contacted, orders completed, delivery arranged.

14 Staff Development Event.


15 Staff summer camp fees due.

30 Preference deadline for discount payment.

31 Menu reviewed and revised based on last year's evaluation.


1 Tentative phase/patrol assignments made for candidates as reservations are received.

5 Program, meal and supply requirements reassessed based on enrollment input.

12 Deadline candidate fees cancellation without penalty.

12 Preliminary food order developed, reviewed.

12 Final check in support areas:

12 Final count to commissary director for food purchasing.

20 Post Committee Meeting. Agenda includes:

22 Summer Camp

Candidate Arrival

27 Awards ceremony.

28 Preliminary evaluations of week.


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