Chapter 6 - Evaluation Instruments

Each item in this checklist is worth the possible number of points stated. Enter the Actual value for the item listed.

Comments: What's right and what needs improvement. Be specific.


Outside straightened 3   
Personal equipment stowed 3   
Clothing neat 3   
Sleeping bag aired 3   
Area clean 3   
Tables, benches clean 6   
Table, silver clean, protected 6   
Grounds clean 6   


Wood piles orderly 3   
Axes, saws stowed safely 3   
Food cupboards, boxes clean 3   
Grease pit available 3   
Garbage properly discarded 3   
Fire pails in place, ready 3   
Fire out, stove clean 3   


Seats, building clean 6   
Paper handy 6   
Area nearby clean 6   
Washing area has soap 6   
Light for night use handy 6   


Quality 6   
Served on time 6   
Yell given beforehand 5   
Good grace, manners 5   
Guest present, involved 5   
Family dining 5   

Spirit And Morale

On time at all times 7   
Doing their best 7   
Spirit in evidence 7   


Complete(1 pt./part/person) 6   
Name tags 3   
Woggle 3   
Waist rope complete 3   
Patrol flag (7 pts. for patrol) 7   

Camp Improvements

Non-destructive (2 pts. ea.) 20   
Total possible 169   

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