Chapter 6 - Evaluation Instruments

Manager of


Patrol: __________________

Name: ________________

Circle the number in the column most closely describing the manager of learning session.

  Members address me no more formally than others in the group.
  Members frequently express real feelings.
  Group starts itself at beginning of each meeting.
  Sometimes members openly disagree with me.
  Group has a tendency to want to remain after the time limit has passed.
  Group makes decisions without depending on me as the final judge.
  Members are clear about the goals they seek.
  Members speak up without asking my permission.
  Members do not count on me alone to handle "problem members."
  "Bright ideas" originate with many members of the group.
  Different individuals frequently lead the group's discussion.
  Members strive to listen to teach other without interrupting.
  Conflicts and disagreements arise, but people try to understand the nature of these and deal with them.
  Members often accept insights and information from other members.
  Members are friendly toward me and accept my presence.
  Members question each other seeking to better understand each person's contribution.

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