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Team Leadership Skills for Teens

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Newly published in 2016. Learn about the basic eleven leadership competencies every teen needs. Order the book Team Leadership Skills for Teens. Only $9.99.

Condensed from years of research and practical experience. Articulates key elements and specific traits of leadership.

It describes:

  • The solid, well-tried and tested theoretical process for developing leadership skills in youth.
  • How groups come about, why leadership is necessary, and how to develop a sequence of leadership experiences that will help youth acquire competency in leadership.
  • Eleven leadership competencies in depth that make up our leadership development curriculum.

Eleven Leaderships Skills Every Teen Needs

This completely new book describes eleven essential, time-tested skills of leadership organized into that are easily teachable to youth 11-18.

White Stag is a tried and tested system for presenting a youth leadership development program. With more than 50 years of experience, having trained thousands of youth, this book puts together the elements necessary to help you develop a leadership curriculum for youth and present information meaningful to teens about leadership.

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