Summary— Resources for Leadership ebook

Resources for Leadership describes the under-lying concepts of leadership that are the foundation of the National BSA week-long Junior Leader Training program. The White Stag program is the original program from which the National Council adapted the eleven skills of leadership This book contains hundreds of pages and ideas that were never incorporated into the National program.

It includes:

  • A chapter containing the solid, well-tried and tested theoretical foundation for a top-notch JLT program.
  • Two chapters telling how groups come about, why leadership is necessary, and how to develop a sequence of leadership experiences that will help youth acquire competency in leadership.
  • Eleven chapters, each describing in depth a specific leadership competency or skill that makes up the leadership development curriculum.
  • Two appendices describe methods for conducting Manager of Learning (Effective Teaching) Teach/Learn sessions and key words for writing teaching objectives.
  • A detailed index.

A bibliography in both books lists the original materials which were relied upon to develop these books.