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Follow the White Stag ebook

click to order... Follow the White Stag by Brian Phelps 236 pages. Third Edition. Published 2000. Only available as an Adobe Acrobat ebook.

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What's in It

Describes the underlying Principles, Aims, and methods like Direct Approach, our Organizational Structure, and perhaps most importantly, the Spirit and Traditions that make the program distinctive and leave a lasting impression in young people's hearts. Also includes a sample Program Year Calendar for a youth leadership development camp. Learn about the heart and soul of the program: like The Manager of Learning Method, and The Evaluation Attitude that sustain the program and which you can adapt for your youth.

White Stag has been presenting week-long leadership development camp for youth ages 10½-18 since 1958. In that time we have developed leadership skills in more than 21,000 youth, all supported soley by volunteers.

One reviewer says our program is a "useful and well prepared course. A close look by other councils may help them to upgrade their own courses. My highest certification and congratulations for a course well done." This book puts together the elements necessary to help you plan and present a quality youth leadership development program.

Your payment helps us defray the cost of this web site. A local printer can print a bound version for around $30.