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Team Leadership Skills for Teens
Our book Team Leadership Skills for Teens describes eleven essential, time-tested skills of leadership organized into eleven competencies that are easily teachable to youth. Get a copy today.
Note For complete information on the eleven leadership competencies, order the ebook Resources for Leadership.

Understanding the Needs and Characteristics of the Group

When you come to camp, even if you come with friends, you'll be put into a group where you won't know anyone. Sound a little bit scarey? There's a reason for it!

Everyone carries with them a little bit of history. At White Stag, none of that matters. Everyone has the same advantage and opportunities to be the best person they can be. There are no pre-conceptions or limitations on what you can accomplish.

What makes others tick

Everyone gets to learn about everyone else, their needs, their characteristics, what makes them "tick." We learn what excites people, what motivates them, what they need to succeed, and how to support and grow the group. We learn about how groups come together and commit to achieving tough goals.

As your group plans and carries out activities, you learn more about yourself, your individual needs and characteristics. You learn how to balance individual needs against those of the entire group.

To understand others, we must first understand ourselves. This understanding can come naturally as we grow, and at White Stag we believe in giving indivdiuals direct encouragement to discover and improve on their skills and abilities.

Maslow's heirarchy of needs

Learn and grow as a person and with the group

Every group member needs to learn other members' needs and characteristics. Throughout life, as any group forms, members informally assess others' characteristics and needs. We bring the process out of the closet and use it to help everyone grow and prosper. We teach how to learn about and assess your own and other group members needs and characteristics in an open, trusting environment via specific learning activities and exercises.

Everyone is accepted and their individual differences are valued, for the differences contribute to an environment calculated to encourage growth.

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Learn more about leadership. Find out which phase is right for you or apply for camp today.

Learn more about leadership. Find out which phase is right for you or apply for camp today.