Resources for Leadership describes the under-lying concepts of leadership that are the foundation of the a top-notch week-long Junior Leader Training program. The White Stag program is the source from which the National Council adapted the eleven skills of leadership. This book contains hundreds of pages and ideas that have never been incorporated into the National program, and which the national program has drifting away from.

Chapters 1-7 define leadership and how to teach it safely to youth.

Chapters 8-19 describe in detail the eleven leadership competencies that comprise the skills of leadership.

The Appendices provide some detail for Managers of Learning about Teach/Learn methods and writing instructional objectives.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Principles of Leadership

Chapter 3 - Applying The Patrol Method

Chapter 4 - Youth Protection

Chapter 5 - Developing Staff Leadership

Chapter 6 - Developing Learning Hurdles

Chapter 7 - Leadership Development By Design

Chapter 8 - Getting and Giving Information

Chapter 9 - Understanding Group Needs and Characteristics

Chapter 10 - Knowing and Understanding Group Resources

Chapter 11 - Controlling the Group

Chapter 12 - Counseling

Chapter 13 - Setting the Example

Chapter 14 - Representing the Group

Chapter 15 - Planning

Chapter 16 - Evaluation

Chapter 17 - Sharing Leadership

Chapter 18 - Manager of Learning

Appendix A - Teach/Learn Methods

Appendix B - Key Words in Instructional Objectives

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