Chapter 8 - Getting and Giving Information

This competency enables a learner to:

About Getting and Giving Information

Getting and Giving Information, or communication, is essential to group success. Nothing can happen until communication, on one or more levels, has been established. As group members join a team, they need to learn about the nature of the group and the task at hand. Each member makes a decision, consciously and unconsciously, about the quality of their membership in the group.

As they grow to understand what the group is about, they identify with group norms and group goals, This helps maintain group membership. Individuals are able to call on other members' knowledge, skills and abilities, increasing the likelihood that the task at hand can be completed.

All of this happens through communication in one form or another. From the point of view of a single individual joining a group, he receives some information, tries to make sense of it--hopefully recording it in some fashion--and at some point is probably called on to give it to someone else, as shown in Figure 8-1 below. These are the essential parts of Getting and Giving Information.

The communication process

Getting Information

Receiving information can be done in many ways. It is usually passed to us in one of two fashions: our ears, orally from another person; or our eyes, through the use of writing and illustrations.

The information can vary in complexity. It might be very simple, for example: "Meet me at the Scout Hut at 7:00 sharp Wednesday night." Or it might be extremely complex: "Go due north 122 feet to the maple tree. Back up 10 feet the way you came. Go 145 degrees at 3 miles per hour for 2 minutes. Stop at the red cedar tree. Turn 25 degrees south..."

If you are not careful, two things will happen:

This is because both the individual sending and the person receiving the information may obscure the message.

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