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Junior Leader Training -- White Stag Leadership Development

Identity and Branding

Protected Marks

White Stag logo
White Stag Infinity Arrow

The White Stag Leadership Development program is a unique program and participants develop a strong relationship with it and to our symbols.

Any use of this intellectual property by any other organization is subject to license by the White Stag Association. The White Stag Association does not permit other groups or organizations to use our symbols inappropriately or claim to represent White Stag when they do not.

A strong, consistent brand enhances the value and unity of White Stag's visual identity and its ability to attract participants. It helps communicate our marketing message and protect and project our unique brand. The White Stag identity program includes the following marks:

  • White Stag logo (the White Stag surrounded by a green circle)
  • White Stag silhouette (the White Stag on a background without a green circle, used only for official clothing)
  • The vertical arrow topped by an infinity symbol
  • The neckerchief design
  • The pocket patch design
  • The beret patch design

Acceptable Colors

To protect our brand and trademark, it is important to use the logo and infinity symbol correctly. You must always use the following colors for "White Stag Green" in any print or online materials:

  • Pantone Solid Coated 7483
  • Pantone Solid Matte 575M
  • Pantone Process Coated DS 285-4C

RGB values:

  • R 78
  • G 127
  • B 81

CMYK values:

  • C 72%
  • M 31%
  • Y 80%
  • K 16%

Hex 4E7F51 or #4E7F51

The White Stag logo should always be printed using White Stag Green on a white background. To avoid impinging on the logo, always leave at least 1/8th inch between it and any other graphical or textual element.

Combining With Other Elements

You may not combine the White Stag logo with any other logo, graphical element, or text. You may not change the transparency of the logo. The logo should not be redrawn, recolored, re-proportioned, or modified in any way without permission of the Academy Board.

Trademark Protection

The logo and the infinity symbol must always be displayed with a trademark ™ symbol. Each publication using the White Stag logo, White Stag silhouette, or Infinity Arrow must contain the words:

The White Stag logo, White Stag silhouette, and Infinity Arrow are trademarks of the White Stag Leadership Development Program, Inc.

Print and Clothing Usage

In print usage, the White Stag silhouette must always be displayed within a green circle. On clothing, the White Stag may be displayed alone in silhouette. The background color in either print or on clothing should always permit the White Stag to be easily recognized.